The Little Mayor
Frustrated to discover that kids can’t vote, fifth-grader Mike Nolichucky decides to run for mayor of Rockville. As his unlikely candidacy gains traction, he must do battle with the incumbent, Nope O’Reilly, a bully with ties to a chemical company that is polluting the town. Aid comes from an unlikely trio of friends, classmates who are half kid, half wild animal. As our hero learns to navigate the strange worlds of politics and elementary school, he discovers some secrets about himself and his community that unlock his potential and help to transform his town.
The Little Mayor explores themes of friendship and identity, democracy and community. It’s about what happens when young people take responsibility for their future.
It is a fun and moving story about kids making a difference because sometimes grown ups can’t.

Intended for middle grade readers- and their parents- The Little Mayor is available for sale on blurb.com now.