Book Review: UPROOT by Jace Clayton

UPROOT: Travels in 21st-century music in digital culture
by Jace Clayton a.k.a. DJ Rupture. Farrar, Straus and Giroux

(My reviews are based on when I read, not when published. So this may all be old news to you…)

Published in 2016, Uproot is a collection of essays about the state of music in the modern world. It is smart and thought-provoking, easily the most balanced perspective on modern digital culture I have ever read. The current trend in literature seems to be hand-wringing worry poems to the digital apocalypse. This book is more realistic and aware. Clayton explores the pitfalls and dangers of the digital now, but sees cause for hope and new connections. His twenty plus year career as a globe-trotting DJ gives him a unique perspective and access to an amazing array of artists whose work and ideas are making the future. It’s an easy to read culture critique, a rare treat.

Highly recommended

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